Men's Sugaring

Yes ... men do it too

Sugar paste is made of 100% natural ingredients – just sugar, lemon and water!  Sugaring is the natural, gentle, and long-lasting waxing alternative that removes unwanted hair.  Sugaring is an exceptional option for various hair textures and for individuals sensitive to normal waxing services.

With only about 10 days of growth needed, sugaring effectively removes hair from all parts of the body. Hair is removed with the direction of growth resulting in less ingrown hairs typically experienced with normal waxing services. Whether you have sensitive skin, struggle with ingrown hairs, or are simply looking for an all natural alternative to your hair removal, sugaring is definitely the way to go. Located in Midtown Reno, NV we are one of few establishments offering sugaring services.

Upper Body Sugaring

  • FULL BACK $60
  • HALF ARM $35
  • FULL ARM $45

Lower Body Sugaring


Currently, all men’s bikini services are referral based only.  In order to book an appointment, an existing client must refer you or you must already be established with us. For questions or scheduling, please contact the studio via phone or email.  Thank you for your understanding.

  • HALF LEG $60
  • FULL LEG $90

    Removes all hair from the genital area front to back. Book this service if we have never done your brazilian before, or it has been longer than 6 weeks from your last maintenance appointment.


    A basic bikini/brazilian hybrid. Leaves the hair natural on top, but removes all hair from the genitals and back side.


    Removes all hair from genital area front to back after 4-6 weeks from last brazilian. If it has been longer than 6 weeks since your last appointment please book a full brazilian.


    Removes hair from the cheeks and everything in between.

*Courtesy of my favorite ladies at home of the original Portlander.