• Classic Lashes

    A single extension is applied to each individual natural lash. These are ideal for clients who want to enhance their natural lashes without a lot of fluff.

  • Hybrid Lashes

    A combination of classic and volume lashes. This set has both single extensions and a fan of two or more lashes applied to the natural lashes. This option is great for clients who would like the best of both worlds; a bit of natural beauty plus some fluff!

  • Volume Lashes

    Volume lashes is a fan of 2 or more lash extensions attached to a single natural lash. Clients who want fuller and fluffy lashes will likely prefer this option.



All of our natural eyelashes shed, so its good to keep in mind that eyelash extensions will fall out as well. In addition to natural shedding, there are some lifestyle habits that may cause additional fallout. Poor lash care, use of oils on or near the lash line, rubbing your eyes or makeup application may all be a factor. Ask your lash artist about how best to preserve the longevity of your lashes!

We recommend getting your lashes filled within 3 weeks in order to prevent any up-charges for fill services. The charge for your fill will be priced based on the amount of time since your last lash service.

  • Classic Fill

  • Hybrid Fill

  • Volume Fill



Naturally enhances the color of brows and lashes.  Especially great for those with light blonde hair looking for more definition.  Good for all hair color and safe for contact wearers.

  • Lashes

  • Brows

  • Brow (sugar) + Tint